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Animal Mutilations

Odd case where animal was found on top of powerlines


Animal mutilations have puzzled researchers and ranchers for decades. Animal mutilations involve the killing and mutilation of animals such as cattle, horses, sheep, dogs and sometimes even humans. The first reports of cattle mutilation (the most common type of animal mutilated) occurred around the 1960s in Kansas and Pennsylvania. Over the years stories began spreading in the newspapers with possible connections to Extraterrestrials and quickly gained popularity. In rare cases, alien abductees have reported under hypnosis seeing cattle taken into the alien craft and mutilated. Sometimes animals are found mutilated in areas unreachable by normal means (military sites/restricted areas) By the mid 1970s, reports of animal mutilations spread over 15 states with 130 reports in Colorado alone. According a survey taken by the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), mutilation of the eye occurred in 59 percent of cases, mutilation of the tongue in 42 percent of cases, the genitals in 85 percent of cases, and the rectum in 76 percent of cases. There is an estimated 2000 mutilation cases a year with many unreported. There are many theories on what could cause mutilations, reasons being predators, natural causes, governmental agencies, cults, but the most common reason is Extraterrestrials.

Characteristics of Mutilations:
*The removal of body parts such as eyes, udders, sexual organs, anus, tongue, lips, ears

*The stripping of hide and flesh from different points in the body

*The removal of soft organs from the lower body

*The presence of incisions and cuts across the body that appear to have been made by a surgical instrument, wounds are clean as well

*Sometimes hemoglobin in the remaining flesh of victims were cooked indicating a laser-like heat source capable of generating temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit and above (used to cut the tissue)

*Unexplained damage to remaining organs, but no sign of damage to the surrounding area

*A lack of predation signs (including teethmarks, tearing of the skin or flesh, or animal footprints) on or around the carcass

*No tracks around the area of the body, In some instances, three or more animals are found dead in a straight row on the ground, in a similar position, as if they walked one after the other in the same direction, when sudden death occurred. Possible radiation in the area.

*In some cases, blood is completely drained from body with no traces of blood in or around the mutilated corpse

*Unusually high/low levels of vitamins or minerals in tissue samples

*Presence of chemicals not normally found in animals

*Presence of a fluorescent substance visible only under ultra-violet light on the hides of some

After effects
*Surviving animals display unusual behavior and avoidance of body
*Refusal of predatory, wild animals, and even insects to feed on or come near mutilated corpses
*Strange marks and holes on the ground where the mutilated animal was found
*Unusual smells described as being medicinal or chemical like

Odd Cases of Mutilation
September 9, 1967 San Luis Valley of southern Colorado - The first animal mutilation reported by the media was an Apaloosa mare named "Lady" found dead and stripped of flesh from the neck up. A pathologist confirmed that all chest organs had been removed and the excisions had been made with high heat.

January 31, 1992, Caldwell, Kansas - Steer found, jaw flesh, bone and teeth had been excised in bloodless, oval cuts. The excisions had been cut with high heat, hot enough to cook the hemoglobin.

February 27, 1998, Dorset - a young lady found a lamb with a neat 1.5cm hole above the eye - the skull was empty. On 11th March 1998, the same young lady found one of her lambs with an eye missing and apparent coring of the rectum.

1997, Cornwall - Several farmers found mutilated animals, involved a lamb which had been totally stripped of all flesh and hide over 100 percent of its body - the skeletal bones were completely clean but all the internal organs were left in place.

1997, Utah - Two ranchers tagged a specific calf, then continued tagging other animals in the same pasture. Less than an hour later, the first calf was discovered dead; had scissor-like cuts with internal organs and most of the muscles missing. There was no blood, entrails, or disturbance at the scene.

June 17, 2002 Laprida - Mutilated animals found, examined by veterinary surgeon, Juan Mudrovcic, who found the four cows had been mutilated - eyes and udders were missing and there were incisions in the jaw area. The field the animals were discovered in is practically inaccessible flooded area only accessible by tractor.

July 5, 2002, San Francisco del Monte de Oro - Bovine found with incisions similar other reported cases of mutilation, missing several internal organs ears, tongue and one eye. Anus appeared to have been extracted and the entire area of the wound seemed to have been burned. Guard dogs did not bark strangely.

July 10, 2002 Tucaman - Eight bovines and seven goats were found mutilated; eyes, tongues, gums and genitals were missing. The animals were bloodless. mutilations were accompanied by residents claiming to have seen a large light in the sky.

Possible Cases of Human Abduction

A Sergeant and senior officer were detailed to travel several miles down the missile range in a military vehicle to find and recover any debris from spent missiles. They separated in order to cover a wider area of the sand dunes more quickly. Suddenly the officer heard screams in the area of the dunes where the sergeant was searching. He ran towards the noise thinking that a rattlesnake had bitten the sergeant and as he reached the top of the dune, he saw a disc shaped craft hovering low above the ground which abducted the sergeant. The officer returned to base in a state of shock. When he reported what had happened he was not believed and arrested for murder. An immediate search of the area failed to find any sign of the sergeant. Three days later Sergeant Louette's mutilated body was found twenty miles down the range. The mutilations were clinical and precise and involved the removal of the genitals, the rectum and the eyes. The officer was released without charge. The story was leaked out by people involved in the incident, the military refused to confirm or deny that such an incident had taken place.

Although many strange stories have come out of the Vietnam conflict, there can be none stranger than that reported at a UFO Conference in Las Vegas in 1989 by an ex United States Air Force man who was serving as a photographer in Vietnam in the late sixties. He was involved in a mission to investigate the mysterious crash of a B-52 bomber, and was air lifted by helicopter into the jungle where the plane had gone down. The first surprise was to find the plane intact, and no sign of a crash landing: it was if the plane had been air lifted and placed into position. Inside the cabin, though was a greater shock. The four-man crew were still strapped into their seats, but all had been mutilated with the typical clean-cut wounds that we see in the animal mutilations. After inspecting the plane and photographing both it and the occupants, the investigation team was ordered to burn the plane and the occupants.

National Institute for Discovery Science


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