Friday, August 21, 2009

Cool Window Phone would simulate the weather

Window Phone
(Credit: Yanko Design)

A friend of mine recently complained that local weather forecasts here in San Francisco have been off all summer (they should just predict fog every day and they'll be spot-on, but enough of my sun-deprived blathering).

A better predictor might be this innovative Window Phone (not to be confused with the Windows phone). The translucent touch-screen device by designer Seunghan Song promises accurate weather predictions. But especially excellent is that it would simulate the current climate on its display with, say, a clear screen on a sunny day, virtual drops on a rainy day, and a frosty veneer when it snows.

You'll note from the photos that the concept phone doesn't have any keys; images show a user blowing on it to switch the phone into handwriting mode for dialing and messaging. The blowing could get tiresome pretty quick, and we have some other questions as well (will the battery obscure the sleek, transparent design? where will real-time, accurate data come from?). Overall, though, we think this is a very cool design--even on a hot day. More pics after the jump.

Window Phone(Credit: Yanko Design)
Window Phone(Credit: Yanko Design)
Window Phone (Credit: Yanko Design)
Window Phone(Credit: Yanko Design)



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