Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tribons Is A Vision of Future Computer System Technology

Tribons concept is a vision of future technology to be influence and shape ideas of community and tribalism, self-awareness and education, trust and global citizenship. The idea of Tribons concept is based on a lightweight and powerful computer system that connects kids with their friends and family, thus providing emotional support to those who are living anonymously in different cities because of the recent mobility.
tribons device
tribons device

Tribons are designed as digital mentors, that support kid’s personal interests and show pathways to boost knowledge and development of skills. Moreover, it offers experiences and information, and make possible the understanding and participation in environments. By using Tribons, an urban child would be introduced to the natural and biological world, and similarly, a rural child can enhance their knowledge about the urban landscape. The accessories developed to comprise an earpiece that is controlled by a spontaneous 3D interface that projects various educational materials and features a safety system that allows parents track their children. Not only that, this gadget includes an additional medical module that offers surveillance of the wearer’s health parameters that will take care in case of chronic sickness and the probability of injuries.
tribons device

tribons device

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