Sunday, November 01, 2009


Bush and Company, the Council on Foreign Relations crowd, are trying to establish today what Hitler established yesterday. But Hitler’s been demonized, and Bush is being praised. Some of the polls are saying that 85% of the people want a national ID card for their protection. They want what Hitler delivered. They want to fall in line and get in the goose step. We have a Gestapo in this country. Homeland security? heh Deutschland security? Who financed Hitler in the 1st place? Brown Brothers Harriman out of New York City? Union Bank? Or was it a partner to Brown Brothers Harriman…Senator Prescott Bush?

Now, people will tell you, senators and congressmen will tell you not to worry… this bill just deals with foreigners. It’s an anti abuse of the immigration code bill and it’s calculated to get people like the Palestine Liberation Organization terrorists or the IRA out of our country. Don’t believe it. The language of the bill is deviously clever. The bill was so repulsive on it’s face, the man assigned the task of introducing it, Senator Biden, gagged as he introduced it. And, said in the congressional record that the bill..he was doing it because the president commanded him to do it, but that he was severely troubled by the bill because of the use of secret tribunals and the loss of liberty that it represented.

It’s my humble opinion…if I get assassinated for saying it just remember in America you can’t give your public opinion anymore. In my humble opinion the world trade center was sacrificed. Adolf Hitler was famous for saying that if you’re going to frighten the people, you’ve got to give them a little blood. And, ya gotta’ make it look legitimate and scare them. So I think, it’s just my opinion, but I believe that New York, the incident that happened at the World Trade Center, was a sacrificed plot against the American people. To frighten the American people into accepting George Bush and the entire New World Order Nazi fascist totalitarian dictatorship that these people have been planning for this country for a long time. And, my suggestion, if I were being asked my opinion as to what we might ought to do…my suggestion is this. Don’t ever give up your firearms.
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