Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ambient Music Video

This video mainly consists of clouds and other more natural scenery. The song was composed using what Brian Eno used in some of his earlier ambient works, 'Music for Airports'. The album used a series of tape loops which would repeat what was played but delayed long enough to be heard as a new phrase. Eno probably picked it up from Steve Reich or Terry Riley as well as introduced the idea to Robert Fripp. Mr. Fripp then called it Frippertronics. This song is from the album 'Trajectories' which can be found at the diatonis website with the song name of 'One To Be'.

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The Dreaming Sky Priest The video was shot near 'Devils Punchbowl' in the Mohave Desert (Antelope Valley). The area is about a mile or so from San Andreas Fault as well as near Edwards Air Force Base. There is no actual video from the Punchbowl itself. It has been said that a number of ufo sightings have occurred near this area. It was probably from Edwards or some other natural effect from the San Andreas Fault. It’s an interesting place to visit. The music is from ‘Ambient Life’ by diatonis.

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Big Sur California Video of Ocean, Trees, Waterfalls, and other things found on the Pacific Coast Highway. The ambient style music is from 'Ambient Life' by diatonis. The song is called Singing Kettle.

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