Thursday, June 24, 2010

Invading the Vintage: retro postcards featuring
aliens and space ships, by Franco Brambilla

Franco Brambilla

Italian illustrator devoted to sci-fi. Founder of Airstudio: a lab
created with Pierluigi Longo (illustrator, musician and dj) and
Giacomo Spazio (artdirector, painter, graphic designer, musician
and dj). Airstudio is a common playground of creativity where
collective illustrations, graphic and musical works are produced.
Since 2000 he has been one of the main illustrators of the
"Urania" and "Urania Collezione" sc-ifi book collection by Mondadori.
In 2006 with Giacomo Spazio creates Limited No Art Gallery:
In 2007 he starts the "Invading the Vintage, cute aliens invading
grandpa' postcards".The project is still running. See more here:
"Best artist" at Eurocon European Awards Fiuggi March 2009.
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