Saturday, August 28, 2010

Secret KGB UFO Files?


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The Great Pyramid is unique, not only was it encased in limestone but:

1. Its the only pyramid to be built with concave sides, the curvature of which matches the radius of the earth.
2. Its the only pyramid to have chambers above ground.
3. Of all the pyramids only the Great Pyramid has "air shafts"
4. There is no writings or hieroglyphics in or on the Great Pyramid. (At least not in the way the other pyramids are decorated, Im taking the handful writings that were found with a grain of salt)
5. The 3 major pyramids are aligned with orions belt.
6. The Great Pyramid is the most accuratly aligned structure in existence.
7. The Great Pyramid is at the center of the land mass of the earth.

Clearly the Egyptians found this great site and settled there. They tried building other pyramids in the image of the Great Pyramid. This explains why mines are found in egypt. Well this pretty much expains EVERYTHING!Egyptologist ALWAYS want to proove the Egyptians built the Great Pyramid by showing that rocks were mined nearby.
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