Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Scientists to create 3D Titanic

The wreck of the Titanic was located by a French and American team 
about 531 km southeast of Newfoundland, Canada, in September 1985.
Scientists are planning to map the entire wreckage site of the Titanic, 
creating a detailed and comprehensive 3D image of the transatlantic luxury liner.

A group of experts from various organizations will use cutting-edge robots, acoustic imaging, sonar technologies and high-resolution optical, video and 3D imaging to "virtually raise" the ship for the first time in the form of a reconstructed comprehensive detailed picture.

"About 40 percent we think, or maybe 50 percent, of the Titanic site has never been looked at," Reuters quoted co-expedition leader and director of special projects at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Dave Gallo, as saying.

"Everything to this point has been pretty much exploration, or adventure," he added saying that the project will be the first archeological work on the site which lies on the floor of the North Atlantic.

"We want to go into this area and understand where everything is and how it got there. It's going to be like the CSI of the underwater world."

Those interested in the subject can follow updates of the project at, while the History Channel is planning to broadcast a documentary on it.

Experts say that although raising the Titanic physically is also possible, the high cost and fragile nature of the ship make it extremely inadvisable.

"Very quickly, the ship is deteriorating more and more," said Paul-Henry Nargeolet, leader of the expedition and director of underwater research for RMS Titanic Inc., the only company with the right to recover objects from the wreck.

After leading five expeditions to the site, Nargeolet now expects much of the deck to collapse within the next 10 to 15 years.

"On the stern...between the engine the room...everything is collapsed already, including the hull itself." 

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