Thursday, September 30, 2010

What We Still Dont Know: Why Are We Here?

Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees explores ideas that were once firmly believed to be in the realms of science fiction and philosophy in a new series examining some of the great unknowns. Across three films Rees one of the most brilliant, charming and mischievous thinkers of our age brings to life the latest and most astonishing ideas about the universe and our place in it, communicating the passion that has driven him to the top of his field over the last forty years. The films also feature contributions from leading scientists including astronomer Dr Seth Shostak (SETI Institute), palaeobiologist Prof Simon Conway Morris (Cambridge University), astrobiologist Dr Lynn J. Rothschild (NASA Ames Research Center), cosmologist Prof Max Tegmark (MIT), physicist Prof Steven Weinberg (University of Texas), mathematician Prof John H. Conway (Princeton University), physicist Prof Leonard Susskind (Stanford University) and philosopher Dr Nick Bostrom (Oxford University).

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