Saturday, October 16, 2010

UFO Whistle-Blower Col. Philip Corso

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Colonel Philip Corso is one of the most important and controversial UFO whistleblowers ever to emerge. The former Army Intelligence officer says he was the number two man in a key Pentagon office which oversaw the exploitation of technologies retrieved from "crashed saucer sites." There is no question Corso worked at the Pentagon in the position that he claims. His 1997 book The Day After Roswell was an international best seller, though many now dispute Corso’s allegations about the role he played in leaking alien technology to American industry. In 1992, years before anyone else in the UFO field had ever heard of Corso, reporter George Knapp met and interviewed the colonel and heard, for the first time his astounding tale about the military’s knowledge of an ET presence on Earth. Knapp also recorded the first on-camera interview with Corso, conducted more than a year before Corso’s book was released. A few pieces from that interview have been shown publicly, but the full interview hasn’t been seen by anyone else. The 1996 interview covers Corso’s amazing career, his hands-on involvement with pieces of technology taken from crash sites, his other encounters with the UFO mystery, and his knowledge of an ongoing coverup.
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