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January 2011 UFO wave over Moscow

A remarkable UFO wave over Moscow, Russia in early January 2011 has reportedly confirmed the predictions of an apparent regional galactic governance council that its interdimensional spacecraft would appear over Moscow Russia at that time.

On Dec. 3, 2010, the now deceased Canadian former NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham publicly wrote:

“In my last ‘Reading’ with the Transcendors on Tuesday, October 13th, 2010, the Transcendors advised me of the following predictions on the Pleiadian UFO displays:

“A. There will be a major UFO display over Moscow between the end of the first part of January 2011 and the second week of January 2011.

“B. This ‘display’ will be followed by a major display over London approximately seven-days later.”

For the text of Mr. Fulham's Dec. 3, 2010 communique, please go to: ... d-ufo-wave

Three predicted ‘Council’ UFO overflights: New York and Moscow

This appearance of apparent Pleiadean UFO craft over Moscow, Russia marks the third independent occasion that inter-dimensional messages inspired by an apparent galactic governance council and predicting an overflight of Pleiadean spacecraft over a major urban area have in fact been accurately fulfilled.

Oct. 13, 2010 (New York) - The first occasion was a council prediction through Stanley A. Fulham that galactic governance council ships would appear over New York on the night of Oct. 13, 2010. In fact, UFOs did appear then and were filmed, and can be seen by clicking here.

Nov. 24, 2010 – The second occasion was a council prediction though a former NATO-Spanish intelligence agent who was contacted interdimensionally by representatives of the reported regional galactic governance council on Nov. 9, 2010 and told that the council ships would appear over Manhattan, New York City on Nov. 24, 2010.

In fact, UFOs did appear then and were filmed and can be seen by clicking here or below: ... ne-ecology

The Jan 2011 UFO sightings over Moscow, Russia

The documented sightings of apparent Pleiadean UFO galactic governance council ships that fulfill Mr. Fulham’s Dec. 3, 2010 prediction include the following:

BREAKING NEWS: Two more reports of sightings over Moscow, Russia are have coming in from Russia, and we will add additional sighting as they come in:

UFO Kremlin Moscow 09.01.2011 ... 5Y3zDE1SBY

НЛО UFO 2011

1. UFOs in Moscow on January 12 2011 at 21 24 ... 6Z5edauaKo

2. Daylight UFO in Russia (Moscow) on January 7 2011 at 17 00

3. UFOs in Russia Moscow on January 7 2011 at 17 15 +Stop frames

4. Exclusive UFOs in Moscow on 10 04 2010 at 18 53 ... h_response

5. UFO in Russia (Moscow) on January 3 2011 at 21 56 ... r_embedded

6. UFO in Russia ( Moscow) January 3 2011 ... ata_player

7. UFO (Moscow 02.01.2011).mp4
(Daytime flashing disc-shaped UFO first seen at 1:18, series of flashes starting at 1:38, disc re-appears at 1:49, again at 1:54, again at 1:59 and starts to flash rapidly, again at 2:02, at 2:43 it begins to flash very rapidly and brightly until the disc re-appears and flashes at 2:52, the disc re-appears at 2:59 and starts to flash very brightly again, finally the disc re-appears and begins to flash very brightly again until the video ends at 3:35)

8. UFO Moscow Dmitrovsky highway 11.01.2011 (10:50-19:00).mpg

(Disc-shaped UFO at 1:03 & 4 UFOs & 1:09)

Moscow UFO sightings further confirm ‘working hypothesis’ of galactic governance council

The existence and information about the reported council of alien civilizations as a 'working hypothesis' based on evidence presented initially by the now deceased Stanley A Fulham, and now also by the former NATO-Spanish intelligence agent as another apparent communication channels of this same regional galactic governance council.

Since Stanley A. Fulham had accelerating pancreatic cancer in Nov. 2010, what seems to have occurred is that this interdimensional source stating it is representing the galactic governance council is now coming through other individuals with new information and predicted, confirmed UFO sightings.

The essence of the council's message is that in an extraordinary meeting around Jan 2010 (Earth time), members of the council met and determined to set aside the law of non-intervention, as it made a factual determination that the ecology of the Earth was on the verge of collapse and beyond the capability of human technology to forestall collapse and species extinction.

A leading atmospheric scientist, member of the U.N. IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change made the same evaluation of the Earth's ecology as on the verge of collapse to this reporter five years ago in an interview.

Accordingly, the council indicated it had made a decision to intervene with advanced technology (probably Pleiadean) by 2015 (if not before) and clean the atmosphere of the Earth. The council is also seeking to make a world speech explaining their ecological plan in 2014 (if not before). Both Mr. Fulham and the NATO-Spanish intelligence officer mentioned that their interdimensional sources indicated large-scale social, financial, governmental, etc changes would take place on the planet 2011-14.

From the available evidence, it would seem that the galactic governance council has the ability to identify and create credible sources for further information and updates (should all of this scenario be in fact true and authentic).

I would note the Mr. Fulham's book Challenges of Change is the product of 10 years of research and interaction with a council-connected source, and contains a blueprint of the council plan 2010-2015.

The Moscow UFO sightings and the USA-Russia ‘Conspiracy of Silence’

The January 2011 apparent galactic governance UFO sightings over Moscow Russia undescore an apparent determination by the ET council to break the USA-Russia ‘conspiracy of silence’ around the extraterrestrial presence and the dire danger that the Earth’s ecology and our Earthling human survival may be in, should this information be correct.

In his last communiqué on Dec. 3, 2010 before his untimely death, Stanley A. Fulham emphasized that breaking the conspiracy of silence by the U.S. and Russia on the extraterrestrial presence was a major goal of the galactic governance council.

Mr. Fulham wrote, “The UFO ‘intervention process’ will have a major impact on the U.S. and Russian governments. This will be the catalyst that will break the ‘conspiracy of silence.’

The NATO-Spanish intelligence agent also stated that he was told the galactic governance council would be sending communications to the U.S. government in December 2010 urging them to join in the extraterrestrial intervention and ecology-cleaning process.

London or Paris UFO sightings in mid-Jan 2011?

According to Stanley A. Fulham’s Dec. 3, 2010 communiqué, the next wave of predicted Pleiadean UFO regional galactic governance council overflight “‘display’ will be followed by a major display over London approximately seven-days later.”

A close associate of the now deceased Mr. Fulham on Jan. 12, 2011 sent the following advisory to this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre:

“Stan mentioned he wasn't exactly sure for the longest time if the next event was going to be London or Paris, but after much deliberation, finally settled on London.

“He was hoping to have another reading with the Transcendors to try to "fine tune" a more exact date and place, but was too weak and ill.

“I thought I should mention that to someone in advance, just in case it turns out to be Paris, and the time frame is a bit off.”

Asking the key question

Is the 'Galactic Governance Council' - as demonstrated by the Fulham and Spanish NATO intelligence officer, and the 3 independent UFO sightings - a 'False Flag Operation," a Psyops, disinformation, random UFO sightings, or is this what it appears to be - an intervention by a galactic governance authority?

The above is a fair question that has been raised and continues to be raised about the Oct. 13, 2010 New York UFO sightings, Nov. 24, 2010 New York UFO sightings, and now the early Jan. 2011 Moscow, Russia UFO sightings.

Let us examine the various key aspects of the galactic governance authority intervention hypothesis to date.

1. Technology of ET false flag operations

There are multiple ongoing studies of planned ET false flag operations. This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre has listed the various psyops technologies necessary for a en extraterrestrial false flag operation, in the style of another 9/11.

You can study these at the link below: ... t-festival

In the absence of any other factors, and taking each of the the Oct. 13, 2010 New York UFO sightings, Nov. 24, 2010 New York UFO sightings, and now the early Jan. 2011 Moscow, Russia UFO sightings, a case could be made that each of these could be either random UFO sightings or an ET false flag operation, and not be part of an intentional, interdimensional intervention by an intelligent civilization that so announced itself beforehand.

But there are other factors to consider, notably the professional expertise of Stanley A. Fulham regarding extraterrestrial UFOs as a life-long NORAD officer who directed the NORAD radar that tracked ET UFOS across and around the North American continent.

2. The professional UFO expertise of NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham and his 10 years interdimensional communication with the 'galactic governance council'

NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham was exceptionally capable in being to recognize and track extraterrestrial UFO craft. As a lifelong NORAD officer, he recounts having routinely tracked extraterrestrial UFOs over North America. From the perspective of a hypothetical regional galactic governance council, Mr. Fulham was probably an ideal contact, as he possessed the highest professional credentials in the recognition of extraterrestrial UFO craft.

Stanley A. Fulham spent 10 years in study and interdimensional communication around the issue of the regional galactic governance council, its members, functions, and operations. That knowledge was passed onto us in a substantial, serious book.

Thus far, this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webe has addressed the substantive implications of a ecological extraterrestrial intervention in 2014-25, as posited by the 'galactic governance authority' hypothesis.

3. A full study of the 'galactic governance council' hypothesis requires a rigorous study of what the 'galactic governance council' has communicated with regard to the pending ecological collapse on Earth and its planned intervention.

Dr. Michael Salla & analysis by omission

Dr. Michael E. Salla of the Exopolitics Institute New Service has stated that "In this reporter’s [D. Salla's] opinion , it is premature to declare Fulham’s prediction has been confirmed. Especially so if the goal was to break a US-Russian “conspiracy of silence.” ... chives/856

Yet, Dr. Salla does not bother to take into account that Jan 2011 UFO reports are continuing to arrive from Moscow. These are listed above in this article as they arrive.

Nor does Dr. Salla's premature evaluation make any mention of the UFO wave in Russia in December 2010 (see below).

Dr. Salla's dismissal of the Jan. 2011 UFO wave over Moscow as a 3rd independent confirmation of the 'galactic governance council', Russia as 'premature' is a clear example of Dr. Salla's mode of analysis by deliberate omission.

By omitting any historical context of the galactic governance council's actions toward Russia and the substance of Mr. Fulham's 10 years work with the ET council and its plans for Russia and the U.S., Dr. Salla subtly denudes the Jan. 2011 UFO sightings over Moscow, Russia of any meaningful interpretive context, and this this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre's analysis of its rigorous adherence to context.

Dr. Salla, for example omits mention of the giant pyramidal UFO craft parked over the Kremlin in Moscow Russia on Nov. 9, 2009 as part of a deliberate approach by a intelligent civilization, most plausibly the intelligence behind the 'galactic governance council' to put pressure on Russia. At least one responsible research source has suggested that telepathic meetings occurred with Kremlin leaders and the galactic governance council representatives present in the craft at that stage. ... emlin.html ... ina-lights

This same analytical tactic of analysis by omission occurred when Dr. Salla published his now infamous analysis dismissing the photographic evidence of life on Mars as documented by the NASA Mars rover Spirit by researcher Andrew D. Basiago.

This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre has the honor to serve as Chairman of the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS) that sponsors the analytical papers regarding the evidence for multiple species of humanoids, animals, structures, and statues on the surface of Mars. Dr. Michael Salla in a similar analysis by omission sought to discredit these findings after he was approached by this reporter and Mr. Basiago in bona fides.

It is a legitimate public question as to cui bono, in whose interests Dr. Michael Salla's employment of the tactic of analysis by omission in both the cases of Life on Mars and the Regional Galactic Governance Council hypothesis is.

Remarks by UFO researchers on the Jan. 2011 Moscow UFO sightings

One veteran UFO researcher who is familiar with the Oct. 13, 2010 UFO sightings over New York and the Jan. 2011 UFO sightings over Moscow, Russia stated about Dr. Michael Salla's UFO analysis of the Moscow UFO sightings,

"He [Dr. Michael Salla] seems to forget it is winter in Moscow and unlike Hawaii, people don't sit around outside in their shorts watching sunsets, and where most of the media is still state-controlled and not free, and where the city is an armed military fortress and demonstrably quite hostile to an alien presence.

"Just how many good videos were there and still are coming out of Moscow? A dozen or more by now. If they don't measure up to what Dr. Salla's pre-conceived notions of what they should be like, let him go there and film for himself. How many good videos were there from NYC? None as far as I could tell, but thousands of eyewitnesses. The eyewitnesses, in the case of Moscow, can be more or less determined by the YouTube video hits, and they are in the many more thousands.

"Apparently, Dr. Salla is becoming more and more like those who want a piece of a UFO handed to them, personally."

In response to a critics of the Jan. 2011 Moscow, Russia UFO sightings, ranging from Boris of Exopolitics Germany who claims the Moscow UFOs may be helicopters to other who claim that Mr. Fulham may have been the subject of a MILAB operation, one Canadian UFO researcher close to the Stanley A. Fulham case sent this reporter the following statement.

"Boris [of Exopolitics Germany] is not alone, but the "Red Moscow helicopter" bunch on this thread, and in other assorted and sundry places on the Internet, don't realize just how asinine they come across to others.

"It's amazing how many times and on so many dates Boris' "helicopters" are flying around at night above a major city hovering and performing maneuvers, and in some instances appearing to appear and disappear as in and out of nowhere. Have you ever seen so many helicopters doing all this at night, ever? Have you ever seen a helicopter that looks even vaguely similar to a ball of light that changes colours and pulsates? And where is the noise of the rotors? Has Boris ever been outside at night in the winter? You can hear a pin drop from miles away in the dead of winter. No, its up to Boris to get down off his soap box claiming victory he debunked the videos because the videographer is simply ignoring his helicopter nonsense as anyone with any common sense would.

"The videographer is performing a public service; who is Boris to demand further proof? The videos are on the Internet and the videographer is well-known and respected in the Russian UFO community. Who is Boris to call the videographer and his videos a fraud. And who is he to judge what is "weak" having spent all of -- oh, maybe 15 minutes -- investigating the case, when the videographer is out there night after night actually doing actual worthwhile and valuable field work.

"Can Boris, being the amateur armchair Internet sleuth he is, find just one video of a helicopter that even remotely looks like and does the same things the UFOs are doing in the video? Just one? He makes demands on you to prove they are Extraterrestrial Vehicles, because he knows you can't, but neither can Boris prove they are helicopters. The standard of proof for someone living in Moscow who sees the videos on the Internet, and who saw the event from a closer perspective is to simply say they were there, and saw they were helicopters, and the videographer's credibility is gone. Poof! Up in smoke! Has this happened? No! Because they weren't helicopters, "Red Moscow helicopter" bunch.

"And with regard to the deleted video, Boris is claiming it is "weak" because its not there any more. I saw the video. So did you. I saw the disc. So did you. No longer being on-line actually bolsters the case for its authenticity, just the opposite of what Boris is trying to deceive others into believing. So just who is the one spreading disinformation? You and I know.

"As for Stan Fulham's possibly being "subject to psychological warfare with MILAB's and psychotronic weapon systems," as Anonymous 11 states [in the comments section of this article], statements so far detached from reality as that, don't actually deserve a response."

A Canadian researcher

A powerful context to the Jan 2011 UFO sightings over Moscow Russia is provided by the Dec. 2010 UFO sightings in Russia.

Are the UFOs appearing in Russia skies in Dec. 2010 Fulham’s predicted UFO wave?

Russian Television (RT) is now reporting UFOs beginning to appear over the skies of Russia and has released a video and news article confirming these sighting.

Former NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham released a statement just prior to his recent death from pancreatic cancer that stated that a regional galactic governance council would begin more frequent UFO appearances in 2011, starting with “a major UFO display over Moscow between the end of the first part of January 2011 and the second week of January 2011.”

Query: Is this wave of UFO sightings now beginning over Russia part of the UFO wave predicted by Stanley A. Fulham in his final statement?

The galactic governance council, whose predicted October 13, 2010 UFO sightings over New York in fact occurred, has announced its intention via dimensional communications to both Stanley A. Fulham and a former NATO-Spanish intelligence officer to intervene in Earth’s public affairs and begin to clean the earth’s ecology to avoid its permanent collapse

Russian Television (RT): December 29, 2010

You can watch the video embedded in the article above to view a Russian Television report on the December 2010 UFO wave in Russia: ... r_embedded

RT also reported the following on December 29, 2010:

UFOs begin to frequent Russian skies in December

"In early December UFOs began to frequent the skies of the capital of the republic of Kalmykia, located in southern Russia. Every ten days the residents of Elista seen UFOs of unknown nature in different parts of the city.

"Latest information on this phenomenon appeared on 22 December when witnesses observed this type of flying objects in different parts of Elista. So some citizens say they have seen in the sky two concentric circles spinning in opposite directions. Others speak of a triangular object radiating light.

"Scientists can not give a rational explanation for these phenomena. For example, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Kalmykia, Mijaliáyev Badme does not rule out the possibility of the existence of an alien civilization, but also sees no clear evidence of the existence in the appearance of UFOs in Elista sky.

"Meanwhile, the ufologists say that UFOs appear in other parts of Russia."

Stanley A. Fulham’s December 3, 2010 statement

On December 3, 2010, Stanley A. Fulham published the following statement on his website:


"I had advised my readers and UFOlogist supporters I would notify them by e-mail on the next major UFO display in their ‘intervention process’ with mankind which started in their major display over New York on 13th October 2010. The prediction, documented in my book Challenges of Change (Third printing in March, 2010) stated that “that there would be a major display over our principal cities” on that date.

"There was a great deal of speculation about this change in the Transcendors prediction. In late September 2010 I asked the Transcendors about this significant change. They replied: “The Pleiadians are much more aware of the consciousness of mankind than you are—after all they have been observing you for millions of years. They came to the conclusion that mankind (generally speaking) is not prepared for a massive display of their UFOs over our principal cities. They would regard it as a hostile intervention—a prelude to invasion. Accordingly, the Alien Council decided about three-weeks before their ‘display’ they would focus on one of our principal cities, New York. It is recognized worldwide as our most cosmopolitan city with a population not likely to be overwhelmed by the sight of UFOs; however, the ‘display’ date of 13 October 2010 would remain. There were other major UFO sightings on that date all over the world. But the Transcendors caution that they were not part of the Council’s principal focus over New York. The New York display is simply the beginning of the Alien’s “intervention process.”

"In my last ‘Reading’ with the Transcendors on Tuesday, October 13th, 2010, the Transcendors advised me of the following predictions on the Pleiadian UFO displays:

"A. There will be a major UFO display over Moscow between the end of the first part of January 2011 and the second week of January 2011.

"B. This ‘display’ will be followed by a major display over London approximately seven-days later.

"C. Interventions will then accelerate, not so much over our cities, but dispersed over our continents with sightings increasing in duration. The intent of these interventions is to increase mankind’s acceptance of the alien phenomena, so that hopefully, we will be prepared to accept a face-to-face encounter and communicate, perhaps as early as next year (2011).

"D. Objective—a dramatic introduction of the alien reality—an appearance at the United Nations.

"The Alien ‘intervention process’ will provide a philosophical challenge to mankind as nothing else has ever done. It will challenge our most fundamental beliefs. Did Christ teach to this extraterrestrial world? Are they aware of Allah and his hatred for the heathens and infidels (which, of course, must include the aliens—they also have souls!). Do they have any religions?—or spiritualism?

"The UFO ‘intervention process’ will have a major impact on the U.S. and Russian governments. This will be the catalyst that will break the “conspiracy of silence.”

"UFOlogists can then divert their focus to the challenges the new alien technologies will bring to mankind.

"Due to my declining health, this may be my last writing on this subject. In the meantime, I wish all my readers and ‘UFOlogist’ supporters the very best in their future work."

- Stanley A. Fulham, December 3rd, 2010

Extraterrestrial intervention, acclimatization and UFO wave phenomena

The December 2010 UFO wave phenomena that occured in Russia does reasonably appear to be related to the extraterrestrial acclimitization process set out in dimensional communications from the regional galactic governance council, as published by Stanley A. Fulham in his book Challenges of Change and in his Dec. 3, 2010 statement.

Two paragraphs in Stanley Fulham’s Dec. 3, 2010 statement appear particularly relevant in this regard:

Impact of UFO intervention - “The UFO ‘intervention process’ will have a major impact on the U.S. and Russian governments. This will be the catalyst that will break the ‘conspiracy of silence.’”


Interventions accelerate over continents - “Interventions will then accelerate, not so much over our cities, but dispersed over our continents with sightings increasing in duration. The intent of these interventions is to increase mankind’s acceptance of the alien phenomena, so that hopefully, we will be prepared to accept a face-to-face encounter and communicate, perhaps as early as next year (2011).”

It seems reasonable that the December 2010 UFO wave over Russia – if the Russian government is a prime target of the regional galactiv governance authority in breaking ‘the conspiracy of silence’ by Russia and the U.S. over the extraterrestrial presence, and its intent to save the Earth’s ecology – is part of the new UFO waves predicted by Stanley A. Fulham prior to his untimely death from pancreatic cancer.


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