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Linda Schurman Predictions for 2011

Big Changes – Big Events:
This year’s eclipses are:  January 4th Solar at 14 degrees Capricorn, June 1st Solar at 12 degrees Gemini, June 15th Lunar at 25 degrees Sagittarius, July 1st Solar at 10 degrees of Cancer, November 25thth Lunar at 19 degrees. Solar at 3 degrees Sagittarius, and December 10
Uranus will go into Aries on March 13th and will be there until March of 2019.  It will square Pluto in May of 2012 and will remain in that square until March of 2015.  Jupiter re-enters Aries January 23rd and will be there until June 4th; Jupiter will transit Taurus June 5th this year through June 11th of 2012.  Neptune enters Pisces April 4th through August 5th, retrogrades back into Aquarius, and re-enters Pisces for 12 years Feb 4th of 2012.  Chiron enters Pisces Feb. 8th and will transit that sign until February 2019.
After the recent transits of Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces (the last conjunction of these planets is Jan. 4th 2011), we will be moving from a kind of “denial” born out of chaos, into a confrontation with the harsh realities of our times.  The last transit of Uranus in Aries (that also was square Pluto) brought us the Great Depression, the rise of the Third Reich in Germany, the military empire of Japan, the Communist genocides in Russia.  Gandhi’s peaceful movement to liberate India began.  Extraordinary discoveries in quantum mechanics that followed the earlier publication of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, transformed the way we view the universe.  In the U.K, women got the vote.
Here in the U.S.A. there were long soup lines, political rebellions, crime waves, and the advent of the New Deal under Franklin Roosevelt.  There were fewer marriages and fewer children born during this period, due to the economic collapse.  The worst ecological disaster in our history occurred as the Dust Bowl (created by sod-busters and a cyclical drought) destroyed the lives of farmers in the western U.S.A.  In this era, about 75% of the economy was in agriculture.
What Next?
 My predictions for the coming year are part of a longer arc of time that I believe will play out until the 2020s and will be issues of intense concern for all of us living today, regardless of our age or circumstance.
  1. Foreign relations:  We will begin, as President Obama said, to withdraw from Afghanistan this year.  The charts of Syria and Iran are activated by the cardinal transits and will be hot spots in the Middle East.  More crises with No. Korea will emerge toward the end of the year.  Japan will likely have an increase in earthquake activity and economic unrest.  China will begin to lose its “luster” as the massive environmental pollution in this nation will take its toll and the American consumption of their products diminishes.  By 2012, there will likely be a public demonstration against the government as there was in 1989.   Germany, the best economy in Europe, will begin having problems with its economy, the Euro, and its leadership.  Ireland goes from bad to worse with its economic woes and there will be massively staged rebellions.  Greece will continue to disintegrate.    France will object to downsizing of benefits and move toward changing its leadership.  Pakistan will remain in ethnic and civil conflict with itself and move toward changing its leadership.  Brazil, whose economy has been praised by the global cartel, will go into a period of unrest, have environmental and ecological problems, and be dissatisfied with the prevailing powers.  Mexico will attempt to control its drug cartels and will be in a kind of civil war as a result.  Indonesia will be plagued with more earthquakes and volcanic disturbances.  It will also be a hot spot for political rebellions.
  2. In the U.S., the economy will get worse as unemployment will remain high, more bankruptcies, foreclosures, and bank closings occur.  Income inequality will widen.  The myth that because the stock market is better that the economy is improving will be dispelled.  There will likely be defaults in municipal bonds, so be careful if you are in the bond market.  Oil prices will continue to rise causing inflation in almost everything else that is necessary for existence; food, energy, transportation.  Interest rates will continue to rise, even though the Federal Reserve refuses to raise prime rates.  Global water crises will begin to insert themselves into the news and the western U.S. will have trouble managing its aquifers as droughts and fires escalate.
  3.  Investments that will do the best will be primarily commodities:  gold and silver for safety only (there will be large fluctuations in price), data security companies as the result of WikiLeaks and virtual skirmishes, agriculture, energy (oil, coal, gas, solar technology and the companies that support their operations), rare earths, and fire arms and weapons businesses.  It is truly sad to know that this country is “armed to the hilt”.  Gun stores can hardly keep enough in stock.  As Uranus goes into Aries, gun violence and armed rebellions will begin.  It will be likely that local police will be laid off and many cities and towns will be unable to keep this under control.  National Guard forces may eventually be called out to keep the peace.  Meanwhile, the corporations who make weapons will be doing well.  In some areas of the nation, primarily the “brainy” areas such as Boston, San Francisco and New York City, real estate will be making a comeback as the North Node goes into Sagittarius and Jupiter in Taurus is trine Pluto from June through the end of the year.  There will be more mergers, especially in the banking industry, increasing monopoly rule.  The nation will become increasingly “balkanized” as areas inhabited by the super-rich do well and the rest of the nation gets worse.  Federal and state budget deficits will cause the breakdown of civil support systems.  People will leave areas that turn into “ghost towns”.
  4. Terrorism will likely escalate on a global basis.  Mars goes into 00 degrees Aries on the World Point on April 3rd combining with Mercury and Jupiter in Aries, activating Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen – hot spots for terror organizations.  In addition, there will be more “domestic terrorism” in the U.S.A. from disgruntled American citizens.  All of this will increase the power of the government to keep this under control and increase anger from the people in general with the government.  With surveillance cameras in so many places, it will seem like we are in the midst of George Orwell’s “1984” novel about a police state controlled by “Big Brother”.  We are marching toward the “second American Revolution” as the U.S. Pluto is returning to its natal position in 2020 – the bottom of this great depression.  Unfortunately, racism and ethnic resentments will be growing as people look to blame somebody for a situation primarily created by giant monopoly corporations and “banksters”.
  5.  Pres. Obama’s astrological chart is a mixed bag.  Uranus will sextile both his natal Jupiter and natal Moon highlighting his communication skills, but it is opposite his progressed MC and opposite his progressed Sun.  His progressed Mars continues to square his Saturn in his 12th house.  He does not have the planetary forces he needs to summon to fight the big money interests who control this nation and its government.  The Republicans will fight him at every turn and any so-called “compromise” he makes will take the guts out of legislation he favors, similar to his efforts in healthcare and financial reform.  Saturn in Libra helps him to maintain his personal popularity, but he does not seem to be able to use his power against the dark powers, especially those behind the Federal Reserve, such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase and all the giant financial enterprises that are still trading derivatives to the tune of somewhere around a quadrillion dollars.  The fact is, the richest 1% of America has more net worth than the bottom 90%.  The Supreme Court will face the challenges to the Healthcare Bill and the Financial Reform Bill.  The Roberts Court has ruled consistently for corporate power and against government regulation, especially compounded by their controversial ruling for giant corporations last year in the Citizens United Case.  This year’s Solar Eclipse on Jan. 4th is square Saturn in Libra highlighting similar issues.  We will soon see how the new dynamics in the Court will work out.
  6. Global Tectonics:  According to the U.S. Geologic Services the number of earthquakes (only 7 and above on the Richter Scale) and timelines are as follows:
  7. 1863-1900- 12, 1901-1938 – 53, 1939-1976 – 71, 1977-2014 – 156 to Sep. 2010 (predict 190 total).  These figures are in 38 year increments.  I think that as Uranus moves toward its square with Pluto, we will see more tectonic events and there will be a major one in the Spring of 2012 in the San Francisco area.
  8. There will be major breakthroughs in physics and a new form of energy will be discovered that will not be based on the use of fossil fuels.  By 2024, the infrastructure for this will be in place.  The giant oil and gas cartels will try to suppress this research and will ultimately fail to do this.  A paradigm change will come about as to the nature of the universe and our place in it.  The coming Neptune going into Pisces will correspond with a renewed interest in spirituality, life after death, and age-old questions about the meaning of life.
Final Thoughts:
The regions of time we currently inhabit require of us that we summon a strength, intelligence, and compassion seldom seen in the trajectory of human history.
What we need to know is what truly great men and women have discovered through the ages; that advanced ideas and solutions are available to those with enough humility to open up to that which is grander than the soulless, lifeless, mechanical way of perceiving ourselves that is currently marketed to us by propagandists at every turn.  The trivialization of humankind and the “greater good” so that a few may possess all the wealth and power is not new, but has plagued us for thousands of years.  The original  founders of world religions have understood the spiritual capability of human beings through the ages, but only a few have listened.
As our old civilizations destroy themselves, the divinity that resides within all of us will be free to shine, to breathe, to live and to walk on earth to build anew.  Let us now be silent.  Let us simply listen.
Linda Schurman


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