Friday, February 04, 2011

The Art of Close Encounters by Kim Carlsberg

For those who want to get a glimpse into the world of extra terrestrial contact, this book surely provides one of the best illustrations to date. It is filled with numerous drawings from contactees living all over the globe. It is helpful to those people who are learning about extra terrestrials. As the reader will see the different beings are as diverse as the life forms that exists on our own very planet Earth.
THE JERRY PIPPIN SHOW - Kim Carlsberg (1-12-2011)

Many contactees have spent numerous years in silence regarding their contact and the amazing places they have seen, the different dimensions they have walked in and the incredible teachings they have been students to. This art work is a way to express the extensive messages that exist in these encounters for public viewing.

Our controlled media has thrown images at us for years regarding what we as humans should look like, what we should idolize and how we should behave. This blogger can't help but think that for most Americans watching American Idol, Survivor and popular culture shows this is sure to be a massive switch in their psyche if they so choose to enter in. The world that truly exists right beyond our window and outside our door is far more interesting and teeming with life encompassing infinite possibilities. This book shows you what is, what can be and what is beyond.


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