Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What You Can Do With A 128 GB SD Memory Card

Lexar today announced the first 128 GB SDXC memory card we are aware of. It is targeted at photo enthusiasts, thanks to a 133x read speed (about 20 MB/s), but the size is beyond what even photographers really need. What could you store in 128 GB?
128 GB SDXC Flash memory card
Lexar 128 GB SDXC Flash memory card

I still remember the good old days, when we stored digital images on floppy disks and we had to carry a pack of 10 or 20 disks with us even on just daily vacation trips. Back then, my beloved Sony Mavica FD95 stored 3 1.6MP images on one 1.44 MB disk. This new 128 GB card could store almost 553,000 pictures on a device that is a fraction of the size of that old floppy. Mind boggling.

Even if you move to modern resolutions, you could store more than 81,000 5MP pictures, 32,000 12MP pictures or about 17,000 21MP photos. Even if you are using the RAW format, you will be able to store more than 10,500 uncompressed 12MP and more than 5200 uncompressed 21MP images on this card. With these numbers, it seems that the final storage space may be much more of a problem than this card, as it is not that far away from the capacity of an average notebook. In fact, this card may, conceivably, be used as a permanent-removable mass storage device for a digital camera – just like we use a hard drive for a notebook or desktop PC.
If you had to, the card could store about 22,000 MP3 tracks, more than 36 hours of 1080p HD video, it could store 189 standard definition movies from Netflix, or 1828 times Google’s bulky Chrome web browser. You could also use it to install Windows 95 2327 times – or 8 times Windows 7. If you were to use the card to simply store Microsoft Word documents, you would have room for about 190 million pages.
But it is rather unlikely that you would store general documents on it – as the card is meant for HD and high-end photo productions. Especially the $700 price tag will convince you to use a common hard drive for common files. However, it is stunning to see how far Flash storage – a technology that was predicted in 2005 to run out of steam by 2008 – has come along. Lexar will offer the card in a 64 GB version for $500 as well.

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