Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rhythm of Mankind & Nature - The Mystery of Harmony

Constantly seeking to the sound harmony, the album "Nature life" can be considered as an ethno-electronic one. All kinds of vocal, accompanying instrument "Duduk", Piano, violin, electronic and atmospheric sounds of soul, melodies, deep and tender rhythm - all of these excellent come together in this album. It will awake a lot of romantic images and memories in you, which sets you to the positivism in your life.

Every sound of composition is a part of "Nature life". Every sound reveals Natural pureness, Might of the Earth and in the same time love of Man. In other words, this album allows you to enjoy all those feelings, that takes you away from fussy of every day life and unite you with this beautiful and unique world.

Roman: When I began to create album "Nature Life" I wanted to show the dependence of the man from the world around us. Every our action, thought, this or that, can influence the surrounding us reality and as if reflecting in it come back to us. The clearer are our deeds, the more favorable responses we receive from the World.
On the cover of the album you can see a beautiful flower, which was born in the fields of the Taman. These accidentally taken pictures became significant only after finishing the album. Its release as I have understood later, only a part of a great idea of those, who sees the sense of existence in whole.


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