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Near Death Experience Research Foundation

NDERF Is the largest Near Death Experience Website in the world with over 2500 full-text published NDE accounts
Here are our newest experiences: 
DISCLAIMER:  NDERF has posted suicide NDEs on the website as part of the research project ONLY.  NDERF DOES NOT ENDORSE, ENCOURAGE OR ADVOCATE FOR SUICIDE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM! 

Anna NDE 5229 English expanded version 6/30/11  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A.  This being was surrounded by light and by other people, but I could not see them well, they were like silhouettes, or shadows... I was told that I should not be there, that it was still not my time, that I had to go back to those I had left on earth and solve the problems of my present and future life. I was also warned about what could happen if I committed the same act at some future time, along the lines of: "Death could stay with you without offering the chance to come back", and that I needed to cure the evil which I had in my body (referring to the overdose). This was actually a warning made out of love. I could feel how the person addressing me was protecting and counselling me just like a mother scolding her child.
NDE from attempted suicide.
Ella J NDE English expanded version 6/30/11 "I entered a large hall. It was so long that I could not see the end of it. It was filled with people. As I was conducted through the throng, the first person I recognized was my Grandpa H. P. Jensen, who was sitting in one end of the room writing. He looked up and seemed surprised to see me. He said, "Why! There is my granddaughter, Ella!"  "He was very much pleased, greeted me and, as he continued with his writing, I passed on through the room and met a great many of my relatives and friends. It was like going along the crowded street of a large city where you meet many people, only a very few of whom you recognize.  "The next one I knew was Uncle Hans Jensen with his wife, Mary Ellen. They had two small children with them. On inquiring who they were, he told me one was his own and the other was Uncle Will's little girl.
Mormon NDE from 1891.
Edward S NDE English expanded version 6/25/11 I knew I was in a great deal of trouble, and that something had to be done. I was trapped in the back seat of a car and my best friend was in the front seat. I was swimming in blood and bone fragments...I managed to use my one good arm to get one leg out and then I tried to get me and my friend out. I could not do it. I was so tired and I thought I should rest. At that point, I felt GOD was looking at me. For years I had been a practicing atheist. I looked at GOD and said that I didn't think he wanted cowards and I wasn't going to change just because I was desperate. Stupid, I know, but I felt it would be cowardly to ask God for help when I didn't believe in God. While I was having this discourse, I heard sirens and knew an ambulance was coming. Shortly, I heard talking and felt someone lift my arm, hold my wrist for a minute and then say "Bag this one too, he's dead".  I said "No, I'm not!" and they went into high gear to get me out.  After they got me out and into the ambulance, things became strange. It was like I was above the ambulance, watching it going to the hospital. Then, once I got there, I watched from above as they wheeled me into the emergency room.
NDE due to severe car crash.
Linda D NDE English expanded version 6/25/11 I was walking with a friend after school. I never saw the drunk driver go off the road, because he hit me from behind. Suddenly I was floating in this black void, totally conscious of myself and my identity.  I was curious, but not afraid. There was nothing to see, just blackness.  I had no idea what was going on, but I had the feeling of moving forward and going somewhere. I was extremely excited and happy.  As I moved along, the happiness became intense joy. Then it changed. I had reached some sort of barrier and something indicated to me that I had to "go back." I have not, to this day, ever experienced such bitter disappointment as I felt when I was "told" to return. I did not want to return, but I had the distinct "feeling" of turning around. Returning felt like falling from a great height. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.
NDE due to being hit by car at age 13.
HD M Possible NDE English expanded version 6/25/11 I was a life guard in New Jersey. Every day before the pool opened I would hyperventilate dive in and swim the 50 meter pool under water.  That day I decided to take it a little farther.  I would swim the 50 meters turn and swim another 10 strokes then surface.  I swam the 50 meters then counted three more strokes as I swam those strokes I looked to my left and saw the deeper blue of the diving area(11-12 feet deep). Next thing I was aware of: I was laying face down on the hot concrete while another life guard "Jeff" was giving me back pressure arm lift - a then current method of artificial respiration.  What I remembered of the experience was that I was inside something and looking out, what was outside was moving very fast.  At the time I correlated it to being inside a railroad car and watching the scenery go by.  It was not scenery just the sensation of rapid movement.
Possible NDE from drowning.
Denise B Probable NDE English expanded version 6/25/11 From Mexico.  Eventually, the doctor arrived to check on me. I handed him my coloring book where I had colored a picture of a doctor and little girl patient. The image I colored matched perfectly what my physician was wearing in that very moment! I had seen him and purposely colored the page to represent what I knew of him so he would surely believe I knew him prior to actually meeting him. In fact, when he entered my room he immediately began to introduce himself wherein I interrupted to inform him that I already knew him. That's when I held up the coloring page and offered it as a gift to him for doing such a good job with my surgery. He denied the possibility that I could know him when we had not met until that moment. Nothing I would tell him convinced him. I explained that I had heard him talking to the people who were helping him. He denied the possibility of this claiming I was deeply sedated and could hear nothing. I told him I had heard him telling a story to my mom which he also denied.
Probable NDE due to surgery at age 7 or 8.
John R NDEs English expanded version 6/25/11  From Canada.  I went from my body to above my body looking down. this lasted very briefly then I was through a light and talking with my mentor or teacher ( like I said things don't always translate into "human speak" all that well… I asked as I was leaving , how will I know that what I have been shown is real? I was told to watch. During the next few months, I watched the largest collapse of the world monetary system and the election of a black president in the U.S.. two things that were shown to me.
NDE at age 24 due to suicide attempt.  Another NDE due to complication of hypothermic heart-lung bypass surgery.
Shawn M Probable NDE 5228 English expanded version 6/25/11  I felt myself body shutting down I was scared void of blackness but able to breathe. Then I felt calm and I was brought back I was angry because I have never felt that joy when I was alive.
Probable NDE from suicide attempt.
Robert J Probable NDE English expanded version 6/25/11  I was four years old and suffering from a progressively worsening life-threatening pneumonia with a temperature of about 106. After the family physician could not offer more than empathetic words my parents called the elders of their church to anoint and pray for my recovery. My father held me in his arms as he, my mother, and the elders prayed during which time I found myself floating near the ceiling of the bedroom. The whole prayer and OBE experience seemed very short, less than a minute. The following night my fever broke and I began to recover. I recovered in about a week but so weak that I had to relearn how to walk.
Probable NDE from severe febrile illness at age 4.  Shared 78 years later.
Michael M Probable NDE English expanded version 6/25/11  From Australia I was hit by a car and thrown sixty meters from point of impact was pronounced dead at the scene by the police, was revived by ambulance crew gone again in the ambulance  and again at the hospital.......yet I could see and hear everything that was said during the entire time. Even through the coma I could see my children who came to visit...they just couldn't hear me
Probable NDE due to being hit by car.
Charles N NDE English expanded version 6/25/11 As I started down the hall, I remembered my daughter, and I thought I couldn't leave because I had to take care of her. But a voice in my head told me she would be all right.  And as I continued down the hallway, I saw the light getting brighter. So I started looking for the source of the light, because I couldn't see any windows or fluorescent lights in the hall.  To my surprise, I saw that the light was radiating right through the walls!  And at the end of this hall was a brighter light coming from what seemed like another hallway, again to the right.  As soon as I got down there, eager to look to the right and see what was around that corner, I suddenly awoke in the recovery room. They told me I had died.  And I responded, "I know." I am not afraid of death now, because I have seen the light, and I am proud to say that I have the knowledge that I will never feel that wonderful joy and peace again until I am there, totally.
NDE due to anesthetic complication.
Albert S Probable NDE English expanded version 6/25/11  My hearing was fully tuned to that world. In the distance I could hear musical wind-chimes, the gentle sounds of a waterfall. Every sound was perfect - soothing, peaceful, loving, harmonious and joyful to my soul.  I experienced a sense, or state, of anticipation – perhaps it had to do with moving forward to meet my Maker (God) or looking forward to reaching my final, eternal destiny. The whole experience seemed altogether natural and purposeful. I felt completely content with it. The closer my spiritual body moved toward the light, the more peace, love and joyfulness I felt.  I noticed that way up ahead of me, the valley in which I was traveling had an angular turning point from whence the light appeared to be emanating. When I was just about to reach that turning point, I became aware of my eyes slowly closing – and of remaining closed, as my spiritual body started travelling backward, speeding up faster and faster, back to where I had come from. 
Probable NDE associated with operation.
Denise T NDE English expanded version 6/25/11  I overdosed on pain meds and was dead for several minutes. I had to have adrenaline shot into my heart. While I was gone, I found myself lying in the grass in a big field filled with beautiful daisies of all different sizes. There were hills and trees in the distance. I experienced a feeling of great love and understanding.  While I was there, I really didn't want to leave that place, but I just knew that when I came back, everything would be OK!
NDE due to overdose of pain medications.
Francoise A Probable NDE English expanded version 6/24/11 From Italy.  Original in Italian, translated to English by Maurizio B. I was lying on the bed. I thought I was dreaming that I saw a gallery, like a tunnel, where there was a beautiful garden with many flowers and a light at the end that grew steadily stronger and stronger.  Alongside this light  was my grandfather who had died approximately six or seven months ago.  I smiled at him and felt happy to see him, at first. He was smiling as if he felt well (when I had last seen him, he had always been suffering because he had been sick with cancer.) I wanted to stay there with him, but as I approached him, telling him how well he looked, he waved goodbye to me, and said, "I'm fine!  But you must go away now, because your time has not arrived yet."  I said to him, "So I come to you, and we have to say goodbye?"  And he said,  "Go, go! They are waiting for you!" 
NDE from suicide attempt.
  Lorette C NDE English expanded version 6/21/11 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Simon A.    Then I saw a parade of photos. Of him and of me, on a boat. Yet I had forgotten these detailed memories, of these moments captured in these photos. And, as the photos passed before us, I remembered each of those moments. I felt as though I had become a bit drowsy, with my head still on his shoulder. Then, we separated. We were not on the ground, we were floating. He placed his hands on my shoulders, smiling at me gently, a serene smile.
NDE from suicide attempt.


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