Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Toyota Fun-Vii Concept Debuts In Tokyo

Toyota Fun Vii Concept Debuts In Tokyo Toyota Fun Vii 1
As Toyota’s smartphone on wheels makes it debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, we can bring to you new pics and a video of this weirs but interesting vehicle.
Toyota believes what they are proposing here is the future mobility in 20xx. Based on that, cars of future are ugly, as you can clearly see, impractical, because it only seats three, and not something to get you to places because it’s too busy linking itself with other cars to make your social life better, hence the car’s innovative body which is big display.
As a mean of transportation then, the Fun-Vii is useless. But as a technological experiment it is brilliant. No one before made car with changeable exterior color. Better still, it can show media content, probably for other road users to distract them and lead them into a crash.
Actually, Toyota might not be the first with this idea. In their Christmas DVD, Top Gear at the Movies Hammond and May made something similar based on a Range Rover. They wanted to make the car invisible so they put large screens on one side and a camera on the other. Clever!!!
The vehicle interior can also function as a display area, with the interior freely modifiable to match one’s mood of the moment. Content such as navigation information is blended seamlessly into the interior through the use of augmented reality technology. Furthermore, a vehicle’s “navigation concierge” can provide the passengers with driving information and guidance through a vocal interface.
Toyota Fun Vii Concept Debuts In Tokyo Toyota Fun Vii 2
Toyota Fun Vii Concept Debuts In Tokyo Toyota Fun Vii 3


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